The African diaspora: Colonialism and displacement
October 1, 2010
A Frozen Flower (Ha Yu, 2008)
November 24, 2010

My Fantasia 2010: Preamble

I look forward to Fantasia every year; it’s one of my deepest passions. Yes, I am one of those who check the festival’s website daily, a few weeks before the schedule comes out, hoping to make my selection for this year’s fest. Also, I’m one of those who watch a staggering number of films during the festival, not for work but for pleasure, for enjoyment, for enlightenment and for wonder. A true cinephile devours films, not all of them, mind you, for that would be impossible, but the ones he feels akin to, a closeness which cannot be explained, but which inform with each viewing and deliver him a better understanding of himself.

This year’s Fantasia started slowly for me. First, I only bought my tickets five days into the festival, going against my habit of preparing myself days in advance. A few happenings are to blame for this: for one, the late arrival of the schedule which only became available days before the opening of the festival, delaying my choice of films; two, the sale of the tickets, which started two days before the beginning of the festival; three, the “summer effect”, limiting my available time, choosing, as I did, to spend a maximum of it outdoors and with friends. But then, five days after Fantasia has officially started, my choices are made, the tickets are bought and I’m looking forward to seeing what this year’s festival has to offer.