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December 20, 2013
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December 20, 2013

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Sweetwater (Logan Miller, 2013)

A religious leader, accustomed to being the only authority in a small town in the far west, is confronted by the new sheriff in town and a newly arrived couple who question his power.

This is what a great movie should be: great performances, a strong screenplay, a moody direction and cinematography: but also references the Western genre with intelligence and reverence: the authority of the preacher, the arrival of the law, the barren and harsh conditions of frontier life. Written and directed by the Miller Brothers, Sweetwater may be one of the best genre films at the festival this year.

INFO: Sweetwater

Hello My Dolly Girlfriend (Takashi Ishii, 2013)

From the mind of Japanese director Takashi Ishii, based on his manga, Hello My Dolly Girlfriend recounts the story of Kentaro, a young geek who inadvertently finds Kokone, a discarded sexual doll while hiding from criminal elements, and projects his sexual desires onto his new-found toy. With very graphic sex scenes depicting taboo acts like necrophilia, Hello My Dolly Girlfriend is a dirty, unrefined, disgusting and tedious film, filled with some beautiful images, trying its best to shock and failing consistently.

INFO: Hello My Dolly Girlfriend

How to use Guys with Secret Tips (Wonsuk Lee, 2013)

An awkward young Korean woman buys an old VHS tape from a wandering street merchant which promises to enlighten her on how to use and control men by teaching her the secret tips to seduction.

As far as rom-coms go, How to Use Guys With Secret Tips deals with a basic plot, where our protagonist dreams of becoming a seductress but is really interested in one man in particular. The Working Girl (Mike Nichols, 1988) plot points are there: the rise through the ranks of the company; the seduction of the love interest; the reveal of the trickery; the apology scene; the establishment of a new, happier status quo. Sporting some funny scenes and very interesting video aesthetics, the movie is a fun time, but barely anything else.

INFO: How to use Guys with Secret Tips