April 20, 2010
3:10 to Yuma

3:10 To Yuma (James Mangold, 2007)

In 3:10 To Yuma, a down-on-his-luck farmer volunteers to escort an outlaw (Russell Crowe) to the 3:10 train out of Yuma which will lead him to jail.
April 19, 2010
The Lookout

The Lookout (Scott Frank, 2007)

In The Lookout, after a violent car accident, a promising young man, disabled by a memory condition, is persuaded into robbing the local bank he works in.
March 26, 2010
There Will Be Blood

There Will Be Blood (Paul Thomas Anderson, 2007)

There Will Be Blood methodically depicts the rise of its fictional character, from his modest entrepreneurial beginnings to rich oil mogul.
March 29, 2010
Sukiyaki Western Django

Sukiyaki Western Django (Takashi Miike, 2007)

Sukiyaki Western Django virtuously evokes in its narrative Sergio Leone westerns, samurai films and Japanese classic films like Yojimbo.
March 26, 2010
Dan in Real Life

Dan in Real Life (Peter Hedges, 2007)

Dan in Real Life is predictable, and its characters rarely venture into unknown territory. It makes for a passable rental, but not much else.
March 23, 2010
No End In Sight

No End in Sight (Charles Ferguson, 2007)

No End in Sight is important, infuriating and moving. It shows that documentaries hold an essential place in our society.
March 29, 2010
Michael Clayton

Michael Clayton (Tony Gilroy, 2007)

Michael Clayton suffers from its intellectualism, just as Syriana (Stephen Gaghan, 2005) did, and never lets you connect to the stakes emotionally.
April 19, 2010
The Bourne Ultimatum

The Bourne Ultimatum (Paul Greengrass, 2007)

In the Bourne Ultimatum, Jason Bourne, a secret agent recovering from amnesia, decides to dismantle the spy agency responsible for his condition.
March 26, 2010
Before The Devil Knows You're Dead

Before The Devil Knows You’re Dead (Sidney Lumet, 2007)

Although Before The Devil Knows You're Dead succeeds for most of its running time, it fails to deliver a satisfactory end.
March 26, 2010
The Savages

The Savages (Tamara Jenkins, 2007)

In The Savages, Tamara Jenkins explores the importance of family and the effects of dementia in this hard depiction of growing old.
May 20, 2010
Street Kings

Street Kings (David Ayer, 2007)

In Street Kings, police officer Tom Ludlow never hesitates to venture outside the law in the pursuit of Los Angeles’s most reviled criminals.
April 20, 2010
Adrift in Tokyo

Adrift In Tokyo (Satoshi Miki, 2007)

In a cluster of odd situations, Adrift in Tokyo makes us experience its city, from its empty residential streets to its Metropolis-like allure.