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Spectre (Sam Mendes, 2015)

After the tragic death of M and to honour her memory, James Bond uncovers a conspiracy of influential individuals called Spectre, a secret society responsible for strategic terrorist attacks around the world. As Bond strives to thwart their plans, fundamental changes are affecting the secret services back home, leaving Bond to fend for himself.  

First, let me say that Spectre is not a bad film. It is certainly entertaining in very key moments, the opening sequence notwithstanding. It is also visually and technically flawless, as the film is shot in stunning locations around the world, and its principal photography is breathtaking. However, the plot is rather disappointing, as we’re often left scratching our heads about the characters (lack of) motivation rather than taking a legitimate interest in their journey. The Bondisms are all here, but feel forced somehow, as if to say: “at least we gave you the tropes and nods to the franchise, right?”  

The villain is wholly underused; a talent like Christoph Waltz could have brought the lore of the Blofeld character to more interesting places, or, at the very least, to themes more relevant to the new generation. Daniel Craig still makes a good Bond though, with a lot of machismo and suave. Yet the producers have certainly toned down on the grit that Casino Royale had introduced us to and had carried over the next two films.

Overall, Spectre is a good film, but I personally left the theatre disappointed in the experience, since expectations were high after the superb execution of Skyfall.

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