September 28, 2010

Coming Home, the melodrama and social change

The melodrama has been used to depict realist situations in literature, theatre and film. Some would argue that the development of characters in a melodrama is simplistic and predictable, falling into the constraints of the genre while others would argue to the contrary. Coming Home, a revisionist melodrama about the Viet Nam War starring Jane Fonda, has been criticized for […]
March 22, 2010

Coming Home (Hal Ashby, 1978)

In his article in Film Comment, critic David Ehrenstein condemns the melodrama for perpetuating the illusion that the genre can convey genuine social change instead of creating change. In his opinion, “Coming Home presents itself in a much different light [than Written on the Wind]—a serious investigation of the effects of the Vietnam war.” To him, the choice to display […]