December 10, 2010

Boys on the Run (Daisuke Muira, 2010)

I missed Daisuke Miura’s Boys on the Run at its last showing so I could attend one of my best friend’s birthday party, fully planning to do both but ultimately unable to. On the last day of the festival, while sifting through the Fantasia website for the final showings, I come across an additional projection of Boys on the Run […]
December 10, 2010

Little Big Soldier (Shen Ding, 2010)

Shen Ding’s Little Big Soldier is a big budget starring vehicle for action superstar Jackie Chan. Set in mainland China, the movie tells the story of an army deserter who captures the general of a warring faction and plans to deliver him for the reward to secure his future. But, in the midst of their journey, both men, enemies by […]
December 5, 2010

The Housemaid (Ki-young Kim, 1960; Sang-soo Im, 2010)

The Housemaid (Ki-young Kim, 1960) is one of the oldest films known to have survived South Korea’s evolution from Third-World country to G20 powerhouse. The print shown at Fantasia this year was restored by Martin Scorsese’s World film Restoration Foundation in tandem with the South Korean government and follows The Housemaid (Sang-soo Im, 2010) remake’s stellar performance this year at […]