May 20, 2010

Street Kings (David Ayer, 2007)

WHAT IT IS: Tom Ludlow, a veteran L.A.P.D. police officer, never hesitates to venture outside the law in the pursuit of Los Angeles’s most reviled criminals, getting the job done at any cost. Caught in a shootout during which his estranged ex-partner is killed, his investigation of the incident will uncover a dangerous web of deceit and corruption that spans […]
May 19, 2010

Robin Hood (Ridley Scott, 2010)

WHAT IT IS: At the end of the 12th century, following the death of King Richard, monarch of England, Robin Longstride and his comrades desert the King’s army to become outlaws in England. But their heroic fates would be sealed by a tyrannical King, a looming French invasion and the internal strife of their kingdom. HOW IT IS: As a […]